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Attendance Policies and Procedures

TELEPHONE:  686-7741 then press 1
Regular attendance and punctuality are key elements in determining your success at Elk Grove High School. Irregular attendance will negatively affect class progress and grades. Parents/guardians, please feel free to call and check your student(s) attendance at any time.
I.  EXCUSED ABSENCE(S) PROCEDURES.  All students have five (5) school days to clear their absence(s), for the school's attendance records, beginning on the day they return to school. Students who do not clear their absence(s) within the five (5) days will be considered truant from school.
A.  If a parent/guardian calls the attendance office 686-7741 then press 1 each day absent, a written note is not necessary.
B.  Bring notes from a parent/guardian to the attendance office before 8:00 a.m., during lunch and/or after school. The note should have the student's name and identification number; date(s) of absence(s), reason for the absence(s), a current telephone number where the parent/guardian can be reached, and signed by the parent/guardian.
C.  Admit/Readmit Slips.  It is your responsibility to hold on to Admit/Readmit Slips issued by attendance office staff.
D.  Teachers are not required to provide students the opportunity to make up missed assignments/tests due to unexcused absences.
E.  The attendance office will not notify coaches of absences.
F.  A verification note from your doctor’s office is required for all medical and dental appointments.
A.  Excused: Illness, doctor or dental appointments, and death in the immediate family. 
B.  School approved field trips and activities. 
C.  Unexcused: Absences due to truancy, flat tires, running out of gas (any auto problem), traffic problems, missing the bus, oversleeping, personal problems, and home suspensions. 
III. LEAVE OF GROUNDS.  Elk Grove High School's campus is closed. No student is to leave campus without a Leave of Grounds slip.  Leaving campus without a Leave of Grounds slip is a violation of the closed campus policy.  The steps to acquire a Leave of Grounds slips are:
A.  A parent or guardian must either phone the attendance office at 686-7741 then press 1, or bring a note prior to the start of school. Parents/guardian will be called to verify notes (make sure a current phone number for parent/guardian and student identification number is on note for verification purposes). 
B.  A pass will be issued with a time to return to the attendance office to pick up a Leave of Grounds slip, if it is during class time, and to sign out the time left campus. If the Leave of Grounds slip is not picked up, the absence will not be cleared in the computer. 
C.  If unable to return to campus within the time allowed on the Leave of Grounds slip, a parent/guardian must call the attendance office at 686-7741 then press 1
D.  Students identified as having excessive Leaves of Grounds will be required to clear each request for a Leave of Grounds with a vice principal. 
E.  A medical/dental verification note must be submitted to school for all doctor and dental visits.
F.  If leaving at lunch or between classes, a pass will NOT be sent to the student. 
Students are considered significantly late if they are more than 10 minutes late to the beginning of the school day.
  • Significantly late students who arrive during first period will be sent to On Campus Suspension (OCS) for the remainder of first period. This will be documented with an “O” on students’ attendance records. Two (2) No Activity Points will be assigned for each incident of OCS. Upon student request, teachers will allow students to make up any missed work in their first period classes for being sent to OCS.
  • Students who arrive after the end of first period will be assigned After School Detention (ASD) to be served within two school days – the day of the late plus one (1) school day. Failure to attend the ASD in the two-day time frame will result in an assigned Saturday School. Students arriving after the end of first period will not be sent to OCS.
Significantly Late (arriving after the first ten (10) minutes of school) can only be cleared by verification (doctor, dentist or clergy note) that the student was at a doctor or dentist appointment; religious service, or bereavement. No other reasons will clear a Significantly Late.