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School Newspaper

School Newspaper - Antlerette

The Antlerette is a student-run newspaper that has been a part of the Elk Grove High campus for over 90 years. The newspaper is written and edited by students, and is one of the last newspapers still published in the Elk Grove Unified School District. In 2016, the newspaper went to an online format to reach a wider audience. Peruse the links below to see past and current issues.

Fall Edition
The Antlerette
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Jordan Ritchie
Content Editor:
Benjamin Carrillo

Copy Editor:
Ryan O'Sullivan

Fact Checker:
Ethan Maiuro

Design Editor:
Greg Santos
Staff Writers:
Aminah Batcha
Caleb Castleberry
Emily Corrales
Grace Eki-Edo
Selena Enriquez
Oreana Garcia
Jaylie Gianatasio
Shayna Hawk
Maiya Lopez
Kaitlin Rohaly
Emma Thogmartin
Kyle Williams
Michelle Hamilton