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Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

Advancement via Individual Determination
The mission of AVID is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college success in a global society. The AVID program is designed to increase the number of students who enroll in four-year colleges. Although AVID serves all students, in secondary schools its first focus is on the least-served students in the academic middle. The formula is to simply raise expectations of all students and, with the AVID support system in place, they will rise to the challenge!
How it works:
AVID is a grade 4-12 support system that is research based and proven to increase student academic success. At the high school level, AVID is an elective course that incorporates academic and social skills and targets the least served students. These students enroll in courses of high rigor, such as advanced placement classes and receive support in the AVID elective class to be successful. Each year at Elk Grove High School many graduates with the highest grade point averages and college acceptance rates are AVID students.
AVID Success at Elk Grove High School:
Over 90% of Elk Grove High School AVID graduates are accepted into a four year college. The others have chosen to enter the military or go to a community college. AVID graduates from Elk Grove High School are also scholarship recipients. We invite you to be part of the great tradition and success in the Elk Grove High School AVID program.
How do I join AVID at Elk Grove High School?
Current grade levels 9-12, please call 686-7741 and ask to speak to the AVID Coordinator. 

AVID 9 Class of 2024 - Please fill out the intent to Apply to AVID 9 form here.

Student Goals:
1. Prepare for academic success in college preparatory courses.
2. Prepare for successful completion of A-G college subject requirements.
3. Prepare to apply to four-year Universities after high school graduation.

Student Responsibilities if selected for AVID 9:
1. Maintain enrollment in rigorous academic classes.
2. Maintain C or better grades in all classes (A's & B's are most beneficial)
3. Maintain excellent citizenship and attendance in all classes.
4. Stay organized through the use of binders, folders, agendas, laptops, and notes.
5. Complete all homework assignments and commit to at least 2 hours of homework/studying each night.